Shop the Fx Chocolate
formula collection

Bite into a square to make you
feel good from the inside out.

Shop the Fx Chocolate<br>formula collection


Channel your priorities and zero-in on what really matters.

Powered by Reishi Mushroom Adaptogens for magical mind-body resilience


The ultimate chill pill for when the seas of life start rocking your ship.

Powered by Amino Acids, GABA and L-Theanine for total tranquility without feeling groggy


Chocolate makes a great life coach, and your giant to-do list doesn’t stand a chance.

Powered by Ashwagandha for clarity and serenity while winning at life


Become your own superhero, with chocolate as your sidekick.

Powered by Blueberry & Muscadine Phytonutrients for vibrant cellular protection


Armor up for your most active days. (Yep, that’s right: armor made of chocolate.)

Powered by Annatto-E for nurturing protection on a cellular level


Zero panic. Grab the chocolate & relax, you got this.

Powered by Hemp Cannabinoids for unparalleled balance and calm