5 Must Haves for Travel During Pandemic

5 Must Haves for Travel During Pandemic

5 Must Haves for Travel During Pandemic

While the world slowly begins to adjust to the mid-pandemic lifestyle, cities and countries are beginning to open their doors.
People worldwide are eager to pack up their bags and go anywhere, though some of us may have forgotten just what to pack from having not traveled in so long! Whether driving across states or flying across oceans, here is a quick checklist to help you travel as healthy and safe as possible!

Hand Sanitizer Wipes

While this is a given with hygiene and COVID protocols, having hand sanitizer wipes takes away any obstacle of going over the liquid limit and ensures any surface and area is clean for you and the people around you. It’s also great to have wipes for things like steering wheels, phone screens, and door handles when going to and fro. 

Masks for All!

We all need to have masks on hand. Selecting the best fitting one is important. Bandanas are just not that effective. Pick out the best mast that fits your face. Kids masks fit kids better, and N95’s are the best but not always readily available. Try to find a clean, well-fitting mask and bring a backup in case you lose one.

Healthy Snacks

Nothing makes you feel worse than being on a long trip and feeling the rumble of your tummy starting to move into hangry mode. Low energy and blood sugar can lead to irritable and unfriendly symptoms, and gas stations don’t always have the cream of the crop options for healthy, non-GMO and organic food options. Opt for packing your own bag with some great healthy snacks including protein bars, trail mix, chocolate supplements like FX Sunshine or FX Dream if flying overnight, fresh or dried fruit, veggies like carrots and celery, and non-dairy dips like hummus. 

Portable Water Bottle

While you’re traveling, it's important to keep as hydrated as possible to keep your immune system in top shape and sometimes small glasses of water on the plane are just not enough. Add on the cost of paying for wasteful plastic water bottles, you can save so much money and waste by bringing your own reusable water bottle to keep you hydrated at all times!

Vitamins & Prescriptions

This may be a non-negotiable, but this is something that helps make traveling easier on our bodies and overall health so  we can keep kicking butt wherever we explore with vitality. Rather than packing a full pill bottle for a week long vacation, we love having our vitamins in smaller, chocolate form like Fx Chocolate’s high quality chocolate supplements that double as a yummy individually wrapped treat and supplements all in one!

Self Care

The ultimate time killer that actually benefits you is self-care. Have fun and look better from takeoff to landing when you pack a face mask, eye mask, and essential oils for a mini-spacation before your trip even starts!

A Good Read

Between destination A and B, unplug from service and dive deep into a whole other world. From New-York Times bestsellers to a self help book, fantasy and fiction, transport your brain into another arena of learning and slowing down to learn.