Sleep & Chocolate cure almost anything.

Missing out on quality sleep negatively impacts your immune system, hormone balance, mental and emotional outlook, and even your metabolism.* Clean up your bedtime act with Fx Dream and move through the day with calm, cool, and collected clarity.

Fx Dream

Supplements, but make them chocolate.

Supplements, but make them chocolate.

Not just for obvious brilliance but also because chocolate is the ultimate delivery system. It contains lipids that enable nutrients to have a high affinity with our cells. Cocoa has a high fat content (lipids) that allows your body to absorb and assimilate these essentials vitamins. Greater uptake with a delicious taste!

Pair it up!

Dream’s melatonin & 5-HTP found a perfect partner with Exhale’s GABA & L-Theanine to induce relaxing, sweet sleep.

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Your day is made possible by your sleep. Dream big.