The Sampler

A little bit of everything for all the feelings
Ok, you’re on a desert island and you can only bring one box of chocolate with you..what do you take? The Sampler- duh. This is the pupu platter of delicious chocolate meets supplement-of-your-dreams. A cacao smorgasbord of awesomeness that includes a lil somethin’ somethin’ from all our supplement formulations. Each box contains 3 each of: Thrive, Exhale, Focus, Superfood and Defend. It’s an ideal gift as well as a fun grab-bag of wellness. 

The Sampler contains 3 each of: Thrive, Exhale, Focus, Superfood and Defend.
Take it 1 square at a time. We recommend eating 1 square per formula of selected Fx Chocolate once per day. Increase dosage as necessary. Do not exceed the dose on the supplement fact panel.
Defend - Powered by Reishi Mushroom Adaptogens for magical mind-body resilience
Exhale - Powered by Amino Acids, GABA and L-Theanine for total tranquility
Focus - Powered by Ashwagandha for clarity and serenity while winning at life
Thrive - Powered by Annatto-E for nurturing protection on a cellular level
Superfood - Powered by Blueberry & Muscadine Phytonutrients for cellular protection



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Krystin G.
United States United States

I was hesitant because of How much I was getting for the price, but they’re definitely worth it!! Healthy Chocolate supplements, you can’t beat that! Buying the supplements separately are way more expensive! I’m signing up for a monthly subscription because I love them so much!!

Thea D.
United States United States

I have a tendency to want something sweet after dinner. I find that the FX chocolate (just one) satisfies this desire, but do not crave more.

Danielle R.
United States United States

Excellent flavor...without sugar! My kind of chocolate.

Misael c.
United States United States
Good intentions

It was ok. I was expecting something more tasteful. I was hoping to taste different flavors for each one of them specially for the Berry chocolate.

Pushpa G.
United States United States
The perfect one-a-day

Sent these to a school teacher / mother who loves having one of these in the morning or as a snack during the day. Great gift.