5 Tips to Stay Productive While Working From Home

5 Tips to Stay Productive While Working From Home

5 Tips to Stay Productive While Working From Home

The coronavirus pandemic has seen many of us adjusting to the work-from-home life with no end in sight. We can all acknowledge that there are many benefits to working at home - the commute is easy, we can stay in our pajamas if we want, and our pets have never been happier! However, remote work does come with challenges as well. Many of us have been forced to get creative when it comes to professional collaboration, home office setups, and more - but one of the most difficult things to adjust to has been keeping focused in a home environment. Are you having trouble keeping up with your workload in your work-from-home setup? We have compiled five tips to keep your productivity up while you’re still working remotely. 

Create Some Structure 

Since you’re working in your home, it can be extremely tempting to get some household tasks done during the work day. Throwing in a load of laundry, starting dinner, or performing quick cleaning tasks might seem innocent, but they can add up and kill your focus. Create structure for yourself during your workday so you can make sure you address the tasks you need to complete and don’t get distracted from home projects. Writing a schedule and sticking to it is just one tactic you can use to make sure that work time is spent doing work. Others report success with productivity trackers to keep themselves focused. Finally, when you are done with work, be done with work: it can be tempting to work longer hours to get more done, but it’s important to take some distance sometimes. Work-life balance is still important even when you’re working at home!

Designate a Separate Work Space

Working from home can be challenging when you have a busy home, especially if you have kids. Long-term remote workers report the greatest success when they create a separate, designated work space for themselves. If possible, sit at a real desk with a chair while you work - don’t sit on the couch with your laptop and necessarily expect to get the same amount of work done. If you have a home office, or at least a separate room with a door you can close, you will have an easier time separating your work life from your home life. If your home does not have an office setup, try to find a table or desk in a quiet area that is removed from any high-traffic routes. This helps minimize distractions. 

Create Opportunities for Human Contact

Some of us thrive on human interaction to keep us refreshed - while office culture creates plenty of opportunities for collaboration and socialization, we don’t have conference rooms, cafeterias, or water coolers at home. Create opportunities to interact with your coworkers or other human beings where you can - video calls, instant messaging, and even chatting with your neighbors (from a safe distance!) can ensure that you remain stimulated and avoid becoming a hermit. 


You don’t have to be an ultra-minimalist, but it’s important to keep your work space free of as many distractions as possible. Remove anything from your desk that you don’t use daily and either find a new home for it or simply throw it out. Clean, streamlined work areas will help you focus your thoughts on the task at hand.

Stay Active

When working from home, it can be very easy to get caught up in your home-based activities and forget to leave the house. It’s important for your mental well-being to leave the house once in a while. If it is safe to do so, try to spend some time out in the world every day - take a walk or run, go to the store, or simply pull weeds in your flower beds. This won’t just improve your mental health and decrease your anxiety - it will boost your productivity at work as well. Data shows that regularly disengaging from work helps your brain focus better when it’s time to get things done. Even 15 minutes of moving every day can counteract the negative health benefits that come with excessive sitting. 

Stay Positive

Whether your remote working situation is temporary or not, following these tips and trying other strategies to find a balance that works for you will help you keep your productivity up while the pandemic runs its course. Keep a good attitude and communicate regularly with your colleagues and managers to keep yourself on task and enjoy this time at home!