Morning Rituals to Ease You into the Day on Dark Mornings

Morning Rituals to Ease You into the Day on Dark Mornings

Morning Rituals to Ease You into the Day on Dark Mornings

Rise and shine! Skip the snooze button with seven tips to make the most of your morning. 

Good morning! It's the AM, and whether you want to admit it or not, the first hour of your day will set the tone for the following 23. Starting the day right is important. It's also tricky, especially if you're not an early riser. That's why having a plan is essential to start your day and overcome the siren song your bed sings to you every morning. Your plan should be personal and cater to the kind of day you want. Need help figuring out where to start? Here are a few healthy habits you can incorporate into your plan if it feels right.

Don’t automatically hit snooze

We know how good it feels to deny the day as soon as it starts, but studies show that it can leave us more tired throughout the day. Consider whether you want some time before work: 30 minutes or an hour. Make sure you're going to sleep at a time that will allow you to get out of bed without too much debate.

Take ten deep breaths

Taking intentional deep breaths is one of the easiest ways to enhance your day. If you're giving the idea of a morning routine the side-eye, this is the one suggestion that's perfect for beginners; you don't even have to get out of bed to do it. Deep breathing instigates the release of endorphins which not only perk your mood but might even help the body deal with pain — so yes, that, please. Deep breathing also gives your blood a boost of oxygen which can increase your energy and supports overall body function and stamina.


Your body is a tool, and you are at work whether you're super active or live a more sedentary life. Stretching every morning is a great way to get your blood flowing, loosening up your muscles and helping to ditch any leftover drowsiness from the morning. The best part is that you can get your stretch-on in the comfort of your own home on your time, and the benefits can profoundly affect your overall health and wellness.

Guzzle water 

Water is a crucial ingredient that holds us together throughout the day. Even mild dehydration is linked to a lag in mental performance, focus, and the ability to retain information. During sleep, the body uses a significant amount of water for normal restorative processes and respiration (breathing). You can actually lose 1 liter of water every night! That's why it's so important to rehydrate in the morning before you have coffee, tea, or eat. Kickstarting your day with a glass of water (preferably sprinkled with sea salt) can completely change the trajectory of your day. Try it out and see the difference!

Eat a healthy breakfast 

Breaking fast, breakfast, the first meal of the day—however you dice it, it serves an essential purpose. It breaks your body's overnight fasting period and replenishes the supply of glucose to boost your physical and cognitive functions. Breakfast is also a great time to pack some focused nutrients in the form of supplements. If you're interested in morning chocolate, Fx Chocolate Sunshine is the perfect bite of vitamins D and K to promote healthy bones and a sunny mental outlook.*

Make a list 

When the day starts, the email notifications start to ding, and the text messages roll in, and the kids are up... yeesh… it can be hard to remember what you wanted or needed to accomplish in the first place. Before you press play on your day, list things you'd like to get done to revisit later when things get hectic. Don't stress if you don't get to everything. We never really do. But the accomplished feeling of checking off 1, 2, maybe 3 things is

real. If you need extra support when crossing off your list, check out Fx Chocolate Focus to experience what Ashwagandha can do for your cognitive function.*

Practice gratitude 

This might sound a bit out there to some of you, but science says that practicing gratitude can help improve your mood, physical health, self-esteem and sleep. So, before you get into the thick of the day, take a moment to look around you and find a few things you feel grateful to have. It can be simple or provocative, but taking inventory of the good stuff can set a good vibe for the rest of the day. Not to brag, but I'm grateful that my daily vitamins are in chocolate instead of capsules. There I said it!

Mornings can be a make or break for the whole day ahead. So, start with a strong morning routine instead of grasping for momentum towards the end of the day. Make small changes that are reasonable, doable, and manageable, and watch how they add up to a different kind of day.