Sleep Tips For The Summer

Sleep Tips For The Summer

Sleep Tips For The Summer

It’s hot and sunny, you’re busy with social plans, and you’re celebrating with food and drink all day long. While your days are full of fun, is your sleep the one to suffer? Your diet, the temperature and a busy social calendar may be to blame for that afternoon slump.

With longer days and later sunsets, it may be a bit harder to get to bed on time. Add later starts lead to later evening routines Busier summer days & sweltering temperatures, can impact our \ our sleep more than we think. Here are a few sleep tips to help \ adjust your sleep routine in the Summer. 

Chill Out Your Room

Ever wonder why it’s so hard to sleep when you’re hot? Well it’s because the body is actually meant to sleep when it’s cooler! Due to our circadian rhythm, our internal body temperature drops slightly as bedtime nears. In the summer, it can get so hot and stuffy that the summer days can make sleep restless. Try to keep your bedroom at 65 degrees F and consider investing in cooling bedroom products, such as pillows, sheets and even mattresses. Keep your room cool as possible to help you fall asleep fast. 

Keep It Dark

When it’s bright outside earlier in the morning and later in the evening, the daylight signals the  body to stay awake which can make it hard to get enough sleep if you’re in a place where most of the day the sun is  shining. Opt for blackout curtains on all your bedroom windows \ not only to keep your room cooler, but to create a dark environment at night 


No Sweat Sleep

What you wear can make you sweat and make it harder to sleep. Try changing your pajamas to thinner fabrics like linen and sleep in lighter, natural fabrics compared to what is worn for warmth in the  winter months. Or opt for no fabrics and go au natural. 

Pay Attention to Your Summer Diet

We all know how important hydration is but even more so in the summer. Being dehydrated not only but negatively affects your sleep. Make sure you are staying hydrated with water at all hours of the day. 

What we eat during the day and before bed can really alter our sleep patterns. Avoid caffeine, foods high in sugar, and alcohol to get your best rest and try reaching for foods that specifically help with melatonin and serotonin production, two neurotransmitters that signal to the brain it's time to rest and rejuvenate, like seafood, nuts, dark leafy greens, and dark chocolate like our calming melatonin Dream chocolate supplement.