Tips on How to Store Chocolate During the Hot Months

Tips on How to Store Chocolate During the Hot Months

Tips on How to Store Chocolate During the Hot Months

For chocolate lovers, chocoholics, chocolate fans, we get it. We love chocolate all year round, which also means in the Summer, when the warm sun rays battle it out to melt our beloved chocolate. 

But have no fear, you don’t have to give up chocolate when the sun comes out. Follow our tips on the best way to store chocolate in the Summer and enjoy chocolate all year long!

Hide Your Chocolate in a Dark, Dry Place

Light and moisture are the enemy during the summer, so storing chocolate in a cool, dark place without humidity is the goal. If storing in a container, make sure it’s wrapped and tightly sealed in zipped bags or individually wrapped in small sachets like our FX Chocolate. 

Store Chocolate at the Perfect Temperature

The ideal temperature for eating chocolate is between 65 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit, but it’s better stored slightly below room temperature.


Keep Your Chocolate Fresh

Did you know chocolate actually has a shelf life? Typically chocolate can last 9-12 months unless otherwise noted on the packaging. For purer types of chocolate that have fewer processing and preservatives, the time may be even less which means making sure your chocolate efforts aren’t wasted on old chocolate.

Cold Chocolate Is Not the Taste

While storing chocolate in the fridge keeps it from melting during the warmer months, you won’t want to eat it straight from the fridge. Cold chocolate won’t allow a rich and fulfilling flavor release as when it is warm so you’ll want to let it set out to room temperature to regain its flavor and full body of taste before chomping down.