Chocolate & Ashwagandha to the rescue

A crave-worthy pick-me-up in a delicious chocolate


Stress making it hard to focus?

Stress can negatively impact your:

  • Immune system*
  • Ability to complete tasks*
  • Memory and cognitive function*
  • Mental and emotional outlook*

We have a delicious solution!

Don’t let stress get in the way of your daily goals. Add Fx Focus to your snacking repertoire to help combat stress and move through the day with a sense of calm and sustained concentration.*

  • 300mg Ashwagandha extract
  • 0g of sugar
  • Vegan-friendly formula
  • Support a healthy stress response and blood sugar metabolism*
  • Promote mental focus and cognitive function*

Let's face it, the demands of life can be overwhelming. Focus contains NooGandha® – a next-gen, nootropic form of ashwagandha that promotes energy and mental focus to help you take on the challenges of the day head-on.*

Supplements, but make them chocolate because it’s the best delivery system.

Your body readily absorbs and utilizes the functional ingredients in Fx Chocolate. That's because the fats in cacao (called "lipids") act as the perfect delivery system for supplements by helping to improve their bioavailability.


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Fx Focus

Say goodbye to distraction 
and the dreaded mid-day slump with adaptogen magic!