How Whey & Creatine Can Benefit Your Recovery

How Whey & Creatine Can Benefit Your Recovery

How Whey & Creatine Can Benefit Your Recovery

If you’ve been in the fitness and wellness space at all, you have probably heard of whey protein and creatine. But they aren’t just a few more buzzwords we have to break down—whey protein and creatine may play an important role in muscle strength and athletic performance.* With our new ‘Yes Whey!!!™’ protein bar, you get the best of both worlds, with high-quality whey protein and 2 g of creatine, and zero of the downfalls of high sugar and additives. But why should we care? We’ll tell you. 

What’s the Deal With Whey?

Whey protein refers to a group of 8 proteins found in milk that are separated from the solid curds that eventually make up cheese in the cheese-making process. Once separated, the liquid leftover you have is the whey protein. It’s also a complete protein - containing all nine essential amino acids that are integral to optimal function but that our body can’t naturally produce. It’s no wonder Whey has climbed the ranks in protein popularity! 

Our muscles love protein, so consuming whey protein is an excellent option that may help build muscle and aid in muscle strain recovery within the body.* Additionally, it has been known to potentially aid in wound healing and healthy weight gain, making it a favorite for those who want to hit bulking season or simply help fuel their body. 

Does Creatine Live Up to The Craze?

You’ve seen everyone on social media swear by creatine. Muscle soreness? Sluggishness? Sub-optimal performance? According to pop culture, creatine is the ‘answer’ - but what does the science say about how it actually works? 

Creatine is a compound that comes from three amino acids and is stored mostly in our body’s muscles. While the body can (and does) produce its own creatine, it cannot make nearly as much as what you find in supplements today, especially as we age. Because most of our creatine is stored in our muscles and used as energy, many people swear by creatine as an athlete’s best friend. The benefits of creatine have been shown to be plentiful, such as:

  • Strength, muscle mass, and increased athletic performance.*
  • Muscle recovery. Creatine helps engage the cells that initiate the recovery of micro-tears in your muscles after exercise.* 
  • Injury prevention. Creatine may keep the body more hydrated and ward off muscle cramps or tears.*
  • Cognition and brain health. Creatine may improve cognitive performance when performing certain tasks, more so as we age.*
  • Bone health. Creatine supplementation may help counteract age-related skeletal muscle deterioration.*
  • Promotes energy and endurance. Creatine helps engage the energy levels in our muscles, allowing us to feel more energetic.* 

Packing such power, it is no wonder why creatine has come alongside whey as one of the most popular supplements on the market. 

Muscle Strain Recovery, But Make it Speedy

Taking both whey and creatine supplements may be the powerhouse combination you need to effectively speed up your muscle recovery.* As both supplements support muscle mass growth, strength, and recovery, finding the right amount of each may be important in your journey to keeping your muscles healthy and strong.* If you’re looking to help speed up muscle recovery, rest is the best thing you can do, but it’s been shown that creatine and whey protein can significantly aid in keeping the process speedy.* You can add it to your morning routine to make sure you're fueled for the day ahead. As always, talk to your health-care provider before making any significant changes.

Yes Whey!!!™ is our way of making it easy for you to get both in one delicious bite. Containing 2g of creatine monohydrate and 15g of whey protein, this protein bar will be your new post-gym buddy. Even though it tastes like sweet chocolate, Fx uses no simple sugars, artificial sweeteners, hydrogenated oils, or trans fats, so you can feel nourished - not sluggish - after eating. Your muscles will thank you! Shop Yes Whey!!!™ today at