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  • Radiant

    Indulge your way to healthy-looking hair, skin, and...
  • Zen

    Reformulated with double the — chill out with...
  • Sunshine

    Since the dawn of time, we have been...
  • Focus

    Distraction sucks. Send in the adaptogens to the...
  • Dream

    Sea otters hold hands when they sleep so...
  • Defend

    Welcome to the mushroom kingdom. Reishi mushrooms are...
  • Exhale

    Your ultimate chill pill in a delicious chocolate....
  • The Sampler

    Ok, you’re on a desert island and you...
  • 9-5 Burnout

    Ideal for getting stuff done, and the occasional...
  • Happy Hour

    Any hour is happy hour with this pairing...
  • Stargaze

    Commit to your self-care with clarity and serenity...
  • Sweet Sleep

    The ultimate dream team! Exhale blows away any...
  • Burnout Support

    Maximize relaxation time, support your immune system, and...
  • Radiant Joy

    Stay joyful and glowing this holiday season with...
  • Recharge Remedy

    Recharge your precious energy by supporting relaxation, prioritizing...
  • Give it Your All

    You know that deep gratifying feeling you get...
  • Fx Exhale - Free Shipping

    Your ultimate chill pill in a delicious chocolate....

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